Persuasive Against School Uniforms

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School Uniforms
It may be surprising to hear that school uniforms break the first amendment of the constitution but it is very true. The first amendment guarantees freedom on many things, one of them is Freedom of Expression. Freedom of Expression is about more than just saying what you want to say, it’s also about being able to express your ideologies and beliefs which are, unfortunately, hindered by school uniforms. Uniforms weren’t a common thing of the past because they were only enforced in private schools. That is, until 1987, when Maryland and Washington D.C implemented school uniforms in public schools. School uniforms should be banned because they promote conforming over individuality, they increase the amount of bullying, and they can affect a student’s self-image.
School uniforms promote conformity over individuality. A high school student in Chicago explained “They decide to teach us about people like Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony and Booker T. Washington... We learn about how these people expressed themselves and conquered and we can't even express ourselves in the hallways." Schools tell kids from their first day of class that they are different and special, but how can they believe such words if they are sitting in a classroom, wearing the same thing as everyone else in the room. It would be very hard to believe those words due to those circumstances. In schools that have specific uniforms based on sex, it’s difficult for students who identify as a gender

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