Persuasive Essay About Makeup

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In past times, there were few makeup products to choose from. A majority of these products were home-made. As time has went on, more products were made as makeup and beauty products became popular as the advertisement industry began to grow. At this point in time, many places sell products with prices affordable up to being ridiculous prices but they are sold because of the want for the products by many people. Advertising is everywhere; from billboards, trucks, magazines, online apps, and the radio. In the advertisements, they include a description of what the product is supposedly able to do to make you look “flawless” or “beautiful”. The thought that you need a beauty product to meet society's expectations is not good and can affect your self esteem especially if the product does not even do what it was supposed to have done. In the 21st century, make up is used for many things from covering up natural parts of your skin like redness, blemishes, and freckles to wearing make up for a date, costumes, holidays, going to the store, work, or even school. Society makes it seem as if you want to be beautiful you have to have a face full of makeup and perfect skin like the models used in advertisements. The models used for advertising skin products already have what society's view of perfect skin is without the use of the product. These models are not chosen due to the use of the product on their skin making them look the way they do but because they are society's view of

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