Persuasive Essay About Titanic

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“Lifebelts on everyone! Lifebelts on!” Crew members were yelling in the middle of the night. I couldn’t believe! The Titanic was supposed to sink, even though it was unsinkable. “Mother? We need to go down to the to the deck. The Titanic is going to sink!” I cried. They day was finally here! The day I would go on the greatest ship in the world. The Titanic. My mother and I were going to America to try and start a new life. My father died from cancer a year ago, so we wanted a new start. Even though we were third class, I still was really grateful we had this opportunity to go on the Titanic. There were 840 rooms in the ship and 2,240 passengers (“Encyclopedia-Titanica”). “Come on Mom! We can’t be late,” I exclaimed, more excited than ever. “It’s called patience, Katie,” Mom said. “ It will only be a few more minutes.” As we boarded the ship, they had to check us for lice and make sure we were American. We could already tell they were going to treat us unfairly compared to the first class. When the ship finally took off, I was off exploring the giant ship. I wanted to know every inch of this ship that took three years to build (“History”). While I was exploring, another girl about my age was there. She was also 3rd class. “Hello, my name is Katie, what's yours?” I asked her, trying to make some new friends. “I am Kayla. Are you from 3rd class?” She asked me. “Yes, I am. Are you going to America?” We started a conversation and walked and explored the ship more.

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