Visual Rhetorical Devices For Aunt Jemima

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Analysis of Visual Rhetoric by Aunt Jemima
Aunt Jemima has often been considered an archetype of advertising for well over a century. As times have changed their ads have too and have always stayed persuasive, keeping them in business since 1889. In this 1953 add for Aunt Jemima pancakes and waffles, visual rhetoric, such as target audience, context, and focus, are noticeably prevalent in order to persuade available markets to buy their product. This advertisement for Aunt Jemima pancakes and waffles has a clear intent to sell viewers their product. The advertisement has a blank, white background and many separate images and lettering throughout it. The two boldest images seen are the stack of three pancakes in the center of the ad and the words, “Wake Up” written in red across the top. The pancakes have pieces of bacon around the edges and are covered in butter and syrup. The next features of the add that stick out are the words, “to Aunt Jemima Pancakes” written in black as well as a smiling black woman who almost seems to be presenting the pancakes. Other small images are found amongst the poster. There is a robin which seems to be singing on a branch in the top right corner and a hand holding a fork that has taken a bite out of the pancakes on the right side. There is also a small, almost separate advertisement for aunt jemima spice shakers in the lower left hand corner. Aunt Jemima also uses other phrases in their add like, “No wonder...more women prefer

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