Semiotics Analysis of Lego Advert

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Lego targets parents, offering an alternative to television!

From the first glance, it is immediately noticeable that this controversial advertisement is clearly very different from the traditional advertisements one would expect from Lego. It definitely has the parents as the target audience and is focusing on the parent’s fear of bad influences on their children.
When one considers who the preferred, negotiated and oppositional readers would be as defined by Stuart Hall (Hall et al. 1980), it becomes noticeable that the preferred reading for this advertisement would be that of wealthy young parents that can still relate to playing with Lego when they too were children. Even more so would be the parents that are influenced by the …show more content…

The target audience of the advertisement can easily make a connotation with the signs given in the first frame that this woman is about to have an intimate and maybe even sexual encounter. Her partner being unknown to the audience does signify that he is likely unknown to her as well. The door in the right of the image serves as a great use of an anchor to confirm to the audience that these two are about to have a monument in private behind a closed door.
The signs in the second frame of the advert can be denoted as a young male sitting on a white sofa holding an object to his head. The audience cannot see the object his holding as it has been censored out with Lego blocks. There is also a bottle of orange liquid with black labels. The room the man is sitting in is very sterile and empty and the only other known items visible is a newspaper, knocked over drinking glass and a chest of draws in the background.
As with the first frame, the creators of the advert, DDB advertising agency (Best-ad, 2009, online), were relying on semiotics. They were trusting that in our modern culture the audience would be able to see the censored shape and colours of the Lego-pixelated object and use it as an indexed sign to derive the meaning that the man is in fact holding a gun against his head.
This notion is anchored by the man’s facial expression. The clever use of semiotics tool of

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