Persuasive Essay On Rape

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I do. Two simple words that can completely change your life. Two words that you say when you are about to devote your life to someone. You promise to give them all your love, respect, care and trust. However, when you finally say those two final words you plan on it being to someone who adores you with every ounce of their body and soul, who would take a shot for you, someone who will be your hero. That is all you want someone to say “I do” back to you and make every promise you are making to them to you. However, after those final words are said you begin to see some flaws like over time your and your love begins to deteriorate. He starts to hurt you, hold you down, manipulate you, and you give in because it is your husband the man you…show more content…
On July 5, 1993, marital rape became a crime in all 50 states in the US under one section of the sexual offense codes. Eventually, the District of Columbia made no exemption in 20 states for marital rape in May, 2005. However, 30 states in the District of Columbia still have some exemptions for marital rape. Although many countries are reaching the knowledge of knowing there is something wrong with it, India has no laws against and It is even worse there. Each victim experiences higher levels of physical injury and longer lasting trauma. Wives are reported to be raped several more times in comparison to stranger rape. 16% of the wives that are raped by their significant other report it to the police (“Recognize Non Consensual Sexual Acts and How You Can Get Support”). There are reasons that women do not go to the police about the situation and that is their husband manipulates her into thinking she is not loving him or a god wife or that he is going to take the kids and leave. Some women are drugged as well by there husband so they will presume sex while they are unconcious. Being threatened, forced or just giving in are other ways of how a significant other can rape you (“Marital Rape”). However, there are people out there who believe that you can not be raped while married.
Although, rape is defined as “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of
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