Persuasive Essay On Student Suicide

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After a PBS broadcast called ‘College Can Be Killing’ aired on television, reveling how colleges and universities ignored student suicide to save their reputation, studies were conducted to show what causes suicide ideations and attempts (Brandt, 35). These have led to the results of showing what can be linked to suicide, such as risky behaviors. Since the 1950s, the suicide rate among young adults have tripled, due to numerous factors. (Cerel, 46) After the influence of parents and other students, universities have begun to change how they handle suicide on campus. New studies were then created to see what factors play into the increased suicide rates. These new studies have changed the conversation of student suicide overtime by …show more content…

They also predicted that students who frequently fought with others tended to think about suicide. Studies also provided ways to help prevent student suicide. Studies showed that “positive social support and negative social exchanges” can have a big effect on suicide ideation and attempts (Hirsch, 394). Positive encouragement served as a barrier to suicide attempts and negative connections proved to be an increased risk (Hirsch, 394). Even with the vast amount of research that was being done, the suicide rates continued to increased. Around 2013, more studies were made that specifically focus on the different factors that may have contributed to the rising rates. The conversation then shifted to knowing more about the factors and causes of student suicide. Studies were taking into consideration of students who come into college with mental illness such as depression and bipolar disorder and students who develop disorders while in college. Students who develop mental illness while in college and are thinking about suicide usually have “poor sleep habits, drugs and alcohol, and academic stress” (Taub, 6). They now consider specific students who are more likely to commit suicide such as, athletes, LGBT, and gender. Research have found that women are more likely to think about suicide but men are more likely to commit the act. International students were also found to have

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