Persuasive Essay On Survival

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A survivor is someone that will never give up and never stop fighting. Someone that will use the love and compassion surrounding them to aid their success. A survivor is someone that has hope and that is able to believe in themselves and others. Accepting help and acknowledging that survival is not achievable by oneself is an important step in survival. Knowing that life may rest on someone else's shoulders and trusting them is essential. To be a survivor working as a team and accepting support is necessary.
Growing and having a relationship with a group of people aid to the survival of physically tough situations. In the book Miracle in The Andes by Nando Parrado a rugby team uses their resources to survive in the Andes. Shortly after …show more content…

The relationship with the officials was non existent, if a relationship with the officials was present they would have been there to catch her. The relationship Kayla has with her coach has enable her to survive at the end of each race. Kayla and her coach are able to build onto one another's abilities and disabilities. They are able to work as a team to survive and conquer. Kayla and her coach also share each other's knowledge. Since Kayla informed the coach that she has MS he can help other runners with MS. The coach can help other coaches support runners with disabilities. The knowledge they shared can lead the survival of many more athletes. In both Miracle in The Andes and For Runner With M.S., No Pain While Racing, No Feeling at the Finish relationships push physical strength to its limits. In both sources relationships are used to aid survival because of the strengths and weaknesses building to create a full set of survival skills. If they did not have a team or companions there would be “gaps” in their skill sets, if these were present survival would be nearly impossible. In both situations they also use each other's knowledge to aid survival. Having and creating relationships is vital for physical survival. Having a strong relationship can lead to the survival of mentally demanding situations. The book Miracle in the Andes by Nando Parrado tells the story of a young rugby team surviving in the Andes

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