Persuasive Essay On What They Want To Love

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Have you ever heard of someones "list" that they have for the person that they want to marry? Don't lie we all have them and that's okay. Now don't get me wrong it isn't a bad thing for us to have certain wants and things that we are looking for in a future spouse. I just think that sometimes we are a little too superficial on what we are looking for as well as we don't always apply what we want from someone to who we are ourselves.

There have been a few times where I have talked to friends and they have said they are looking for a guy who is a go getter and is a hard worker, and to be honest the reason why they are looking for that is because that is something they are lacking in their own life. Now I have done the same thing and have seen guys do this too where they are lacking in a certain area so they look for someone who in a sense can make up for what they are lacking in. This isn't a terrible thing in the sense where you see something that you are lacking in, but instead of looking for someone who can pick up the slack for you why not look for someone who will motivate you and stand by you while you are working to get better at.

For me something that I have on my list is that I want a woman who has knowledge and love for the gospel well enough to teach our future children and lives it. Now I'm not saying I am a terrible person, but there are a few things I can for sure do better at in living the gospel like having consistent scripture study as well as regular temple

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