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I emerged from the dark, deep waters dripping with sweat and adrenaline. Being second in the swim, I needed to maintain my success in the bike. People exuberantly cheered and the sun beat down on me, but I could make out my mother's silhouette in the distance; how I craved to make her proud of me. Dashing to the transition area, I mentally prepared myself for the next portion of my competition. Buckle my helmet, grab my bike, and make my way to the rest of the course—I knew what to do like a kid on Christmas. One after another, my feet followed my heart to do what I set out to do. As a wild cheetah chases its prey, I chased after my goals. Sure, the path narrowed and one tiny slip could mean the end, but I faithfully pushed on. God got me this far, He could carry me the rest of the way. Little did I know, but He would do just that. As I raced up to the next hill, the danger and adrenaline were pulsing through my veins. I, with adventurous ambition, felt like I could take on the world. The next down slope steepened extraordinarily, more so than the hills prior. My big brother raced down bigger mountains and owned them, so I faced nothing in comparison. Coming over the crest, I gritted my teeth and went for it, suddenly realizing where I went horribly wrong. While my bike zipped down the slope, my front tire caught a root, and my body catapulted into the air along with the potential death trap I rode. I barely thought to give it my best flip to the side of me so I wasn’t

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