Persuasive Speech On Bullying In Our Society

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When I was kid my friend called names towards my other friends, but I didn’t do anything because I thought they were joking. But then, things got worse. They kept doing it, until it become violent action. And then now when I grow up, I realize that those action is bullying. And I’m sure that most of you experiencing the same thing as me at least once, because this is really common in our society. Badriyah Fayumi, education chief for the National Child Protection Commission (KPAI), pretty much summed it up by saying, “Violence is still considered normal in many parts of society.” It’s a proof that the knowledge and comprehension about bullying is really low in our societies. That’s why first, we’re going to talk about the causes of bullying, and then …show more content…

For example, one time I saw a mother and her daughter in the food section at department store, the little girl want some snack but her mother said no. But instead of obeying her mother the girl started to whine, so her mother pinch her that makes her cry. It’s the example of the wrong way to make children obeying parents, and can you imagine if children copying this action at school ? they ask another student who is weaker to do something and when he or she said no they will pinch or even hit him or her. That’s why it’s important for parents not to force their children but gives them explanation behind their action. This action have connection with the second cause of bullying. Which children bullied their friends because of jealousy. Children are easily jealous, when a teacher gives attention towards one specific children some will feel left out. So those children who feel left out, they will start to call names such as teacher’s pet, nerd etc. And when the victim gives respond towards their action, they will push and hit him or her. Without those children realize it their action are considered as

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