Persuasive Speech On Dress Code

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Ok, I know this will sound like an opinion, but it seems like most dress codes are targeting women and transgender students. Hear me out though, if you ask your school for a copy of the dress codes, you will see that almost all of your dress codes will be pointed towards girls. People always told me to express myself but I feel like I can’t really do that if I feel I can’t wear something that I think is cute because it against the dress code. One of these websites actually states something that is really unfair. Take a look. “Getting dresscoded at my school looks SO different depending on your grade level. My friend Tavonne says that if you’re a freshman, you might get away with it. But if you’re a junior or a senior, the chances of you staying on campus are slim. Boys get away with tank tops, but not girls. And I notice that more “developed” girls are usually the ones getting in trouble, versus the girls who are naturally slim. Parris and I have matching jumpsuits that go all the way down to our ankles. Hers is pink and mine is black. She wore her jumpsuit to school the day after I wore mine, and she was pulled out of class because a teacher complained the way it hugged her body was “too revealing.” Now look at some other reasons why dress codes could be biased. I have done a lot of research and a lot of the websites

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