Persuasive Speech On Gm Foods

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I. Attention step A. Attention –getter: How many of you have gone to a grocery store where they are known for providing healthy foods that do not contain GMO’s? Well these companies could be just trying to milk money from you by overcharging and not giving you the whole picture on GM foods. B. Significance of topic: The conversation about GM foods is important to all of us because we want ourselves and our families to be healthy but the media and some companies supporting non-GMO will portray GM foods in a negative light and will ignore their benefits entirely. C. Speaker credibility: After many tiresome hours of research I did on this topic I’m here to give you all of the facts that some non-GMO companies fail to tell you. D. Preview of…show more content…
Problem step (showing a need) A. Simple statement of problem: GM foods are beneficial to our society but are negatively portrayed to us from supporters of the non-GMO movement. a. (Statistic) In a meta-analysis on impacts of GM foods done by Wilhelm Klümper, it was found that the introduction of GM technology reduced chemical pesticide use by 37%, increased crop yield by 22%, and increased farmers profits by 68%(Klümper, 2014).

B. Illustration: a. (Statistic) According to Battelle Institute, the Golden Rice Project is seeking to bring vitamin A enriched rice to the market so they can prevent about five hundred thousand cases of childhood blindness and two million deaths caused by vitamin A deficiency in third world countries per year(Battelle, 2015).

C. Ramifications: Now, imagine if we did not have genetically modified foods. a. (Example) According to April Fulton, of National Geographic, without GMO’s we could lose things like the Florida orange, flu-free chicken, seafood, the fight against blindness and malnutrition, and many other helpful resources from GM foods(Fulton, 2016). D. Pointing: (Picture) How many of you have had any of these products in the past
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(Expert Testimony)In the National Geographic Article, Pamela Ronald, a UC Davis scientist, has been working to develop a disease-resistant, drought-tolerant rice and she states, “All this arguing about what’s genetically modified is a big distraction from the really important goals. We need to produce safe and nutritious food that consumers can afford and farmers can profit from.” (Fulton, 2015).
Here she is stating that the argument about whether or not GM foods are good for us distracts us from the goals that they are helping us achieve.

D. Practical experience: a. (Example) In an article from the San Diego Union Tribune, by Pat Maio, it states that a high school senior from Escondido, named Jacob Lloyd, worked in conjunction with Betsy Read, a molecular cell biology professor here at Cal State San Marcos, to find a way to make it so GMO crops did not cross pollinate with other non-GMO crops, ultimately making GMO foods safer(Maio, 2015).

E. Meeting objections a. There are people who would disagree with me and would say that GM foods are hazardous to our
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