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"...I 'm here..." He murmured, not really sure if it was to himself or Amaimon, mostly just a confirmation that he was awake that a greeting honestly. He wanted to fall back asleep, it sounded wonderful, even here in the rain. How nice it would be to forget the pain that had once more begun to well up within him and trade it for the sweet darkness of sleep. How nice it would be to pull Amaimon down to him and sleep, just as he had been frightened to do earlier. His tail flicked about before it found the earth king 's wrist, wrapping around it almost possessively, his body just beginning to work once more "I 'm here."

He chuckled quietly as he sat up, trying to convince his stiff muscles into working. "Mmm I 'd like to know too, honestly..." He stretched languidly, muscles shifting and pulling as he lift his hands up, closing his eyes as he yawned " I mean I know, but it 's confusing even still," he confided quietly, then gave a pleasured sigh as his back popped loudly a couple of time. Mephisto slumped over after that, resting his eyes tiredly before his tail wagged about, popping as well, he shivered and smiled tiredly. "Been a while since I 've slept in the rain, I wouldn 't recommend it...of course you fell asleep in your bathtub," he joked, looking up to the sky, his words mumbled quietly "you...could have drowned you know...maybe you want that, I wouldn 't blame you," these words were quieter, full of an odd sadness as he stared up, he sighed why does my life have to

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