Persuasive Statement For Animal Control

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I recommend that you support the Assembly Bill 1634, which obligates the pet’s owners to spay and neuter their dogs and cats. Implementing mandatory spay and neuter helps to solve the issue of overpopulation of homeless animals. The bill allows reducing the number of unwanted animals that suffer and die on the street, thereby creating safe environment around the population. Not only does the mandatory sterilization bill save a large amount of the taxpayer's money, but it also helps to decrease the cost to local governments for sheltering, impounding and destroying animals. ISSUE STATEMENT This issue makes the point that state animal control agencies have an extraordinary problem of unwanted pets. Currently, the number of unwanted dogs and cats account for about 1 million abandoned pets.1 The situation has reached crisis proportions and leads to the animal overpopulation growth. Because of the overcrowding at the county shelters, animal control agencies are forced to kill the dogs and cats. As an example, approximately 19 000 animals had been killed by the County of Kern in 2007.2 Moreover, it causes problems for California taxpayers. For example, taxpayers spend over 250 million dollar a year for animal shelter services and euthanasia.3 The stakeholders, such as Californian Animal Control Agencies, the local government, law enforcement agencies, veterinary medical associations, Central Californian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (CCSPCA), health

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