Petroleum And Natural Gas Engineering : A Career Report

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Introduction As a graduate in Petroleum and Natural Gas engineering, the next thing you want to do after your graduation is to find a job that is suitable for you and will make you pleased with your decision and not regretted it in the future. In order for you to do so, I will share important information on how do you do a research effectively on companies that caught your interest. Furthermore, this informative report is also to help you evaluate a job based on a set of criteria that satisfy you the most. List of criteria that you can consider for yourself includes salary, location, company’s value and culture, work environment, flexibility, network development and many more factors to prioritize. By the end of this report, I hope …show more content…

That is just one simple example, you can set your own set of criteria when doing any job research. After doing some evaluation, I finally decided the following list of criteria for my job evaluation: 1.1 Company evaluation criteria 1.1.1 Company’s background. Before you decided to work in any company, you must have at least basic knowledge about the company, what they did in the past, their most successful projects, and how big the company are. The quickest way to get all this information is by visiting their official website. You might be surprised on how many information that you can get from there. Some other useful website that you can use is Glassdoor which holds a database of millions of company reviews from current or past employees. They also provide you vital information about the company such as their company size, headquarters, revenue and when they are founded. The main goal for this website is to provide you a good starting point whether or not that this company fits you. 1.1.2 Company’s value and culture. This criterion is one of the most important factors for me to consider when looking for a job. Personally, I prefer company that love to innovate in new technologies, hardworking, and most importantly helping each other to move forward in the industry. For you to learn about any company’s value and culture, you can visit their

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