Phantom State Theory Of Drug Trafficking

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The problem encountered within my research is the connection between Drug Trafficking Organizations and Transnational Terror Organizations. The problem this poses is the potential threat to the United States in terms of the two organizations working in conjunction with one another and what this would entail for national security. What remains to be seen within the research question is how the two are defined or if there are even connections between the two. Within the articles of research, there are two different theories that are seen. One is the theory that the Drug trafficking organizations are in partnership with terror groups for drug smuggling as well as providing drugs. The other is that Terror groups are engaged in business with drug…show more content…
The phantom state theory refers to the idea that a state can operate under the sovereign government. This can be in Taiwan as being one of the successful phantom states. ISIS maintains a quasi-phantom state within two countries, Iraq and Syria, and the Cartels in Mexico as well as other countries in the South American Continent. What remains in the theory of a phantom state, is the control that is maintained and governed by these groups. They control certain areas of the populace whether through fear or economic turmoil, in some cases like ISIS more fear than not, operate without international sovereign legitimacy. The ability for these groups to operate in a phantom state setting offers freedom of movement as well as freedom of trade, giving more economic freedom to conduct criminal enterprises such as the cartels control over the drug trafficking in the United States. Among the control of drug trafficking, there is also human trafficking being seen by both terror groups and…show more content…
With the transnational nature of the two organizations, the ability to connect and communicate to facilitate relations and business is an additional theory as well. Globalization had been brought up in the past, with the two theories, leading to a large threat to the United States border security and national security. If ISIS is able to make business relationships with the cartels, and the cartels are able to smuggle drugs illegally in the United States, then ISIS could use the cartels to infiltrate the United
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