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My Professional Philosophy Statement

I believe the purposes of education is to teach the children to do the best they can at everything they do. It 's important to let the children know when they make mistakes to learn from them, and to let them know that they will be loved, even if they make mistakes. Each and every child should experience a positive approach of teaching from mistakes rather than negative. As children no matter the age they remember things; wouldn’t it be better for them to remember the positive approach of teaching them from the mistake then the negative. To make the children feel safe, and secure in their environment and to let them know how important they are. Children learn best in an environment that
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The most important thing is to use the appropriate curriculum which would include certain “basics” that contribute to children’s social, emotional, physical development. . Each and every child should feel in your classroom that they are loved for who they are, and they shouldn’t have to change the way they are. It 's important to let the child know that there is nothing wrong with being different, and that no matter what everyone should treat them the same. Another feature that is key is organization, and structure they both go hand in hand, and is needed in every classroom. The children need the structure, and organization so they can learn, and can use this throughout their life. All children have certain needs that must be met if they are to grow and learn at their best. Some of these basic needs are making sure their physical needs are met, safe environment, self-esteem, and loving the children. Another way that has helped me figure out what the needs of the children are communicating with the parents, and getting them involved so that we can both work on meeting the needs of their children. I would meet these needs by showing them love through hugs, and expressing the care I have for each child. Children of all ages love being shown affection and you can do that by simply letting a child sit on your lap, or
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