Phoenician Alphabet Research Paper

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[She excitedly scurried into her Charms class, sitting down. Today, the class would be learning about words and the power they possess. "The earliest known alphabet was known as the Phoenician Alphabet, dating back to at least 1050 B.C." The professor spoke with a calm, cool tone. He began explaining how the alphabet is an important asset, because it has been around so long without any huge changes to it. The Phoenician alphabet can still be linked to the modern one we have today. Brooklyn began to listen even more intently when he spoke of the importance of incantations. Most of them trace back to Latin roots, she learned. And that an incantation requires precise pronunciation to be finished correctly.

Other then this, during Lesson Four, Brooklyn also learned two new charms. The Fire-Making and Locomotion Charm. The Fire-Making Charm is known as one of the oldest spells. The witch or wizard must recite the incantation of "Incendio" and move their wand in a quick up and down motion, as if it was a flame. The willpower for this particular spell varies depending on the distance from the object. Your ability to perform this spell grows with time. Now, for the Locomotion Charm. It ables the caster to move an object from one place to another. You must recite Locomotor while moving the wand in a full circle with an upward flick towards
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"This lesson will focus on - well - focus. Many charms we have learned so far, such as the Levitation Charm and the Locomotion Charm require focus to be on the object you're targeting." She begins writing notes whilst he explains focus is something you cannot avoid unlike an incantation or wand movement. The lesson drones on for a while until, "One of the most important things to know about focus is that you must have a relatively clear mind whilst performing your spell." She stored that in her mind for the
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