Phycyatrist Notes on Hazel Essay

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Session One: Today I met Miss Hazel. She is a very sweet 13 year old girl. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and is being very strong for her and her parents. Her doctors made a miracle drug discovery called phalanxifor and it has saved her life. She was very quite and exhausted which is understandable considering she has just had the injections of the phalanxifor. She said she had the injections put into her body to please her parents as well as coming to these sessions. She is very irratated with her parents for making her come to these sessions and kept saying there was no use in her being here. She is angry and overwhelmed by the whole situation. She concluded by saying that her parents are also forcing her to start going to a …show more content…

She also looked quite tired, she needs to make sure she is getting enough rest. As said before rest heals all and rest will help with her cancer and overall health. She needs more than anything social interactions, not just support group but she needs her freinds and family surronding her.
Session Three: She came in today and was much more friendly and in a much better mood in comparison to our last session. She said she went to support group and although she does hate it, she didnt have a terrible time. She breifly mentioned meeting an interesting boy her age named Agustus Waters. She seems to like this boy very much and was much happier talking about him than anything else. She has been hanging out with more of her friends latley and has been getting lots of rest. Whatever she is doing is working and she needs to keep it up.
Treatment: Keep hanging out with Agustus, he has a high impact on this sudden change in additude. Keep going to support group, getting rest, she is due for another injection of phalanxifor and keep being more social and active.
Session four: I hadnt seen hazel in about a month and right when she walked in I knew something was different. She was smiiling very wide and was the happiest I had ever seen her before. She said that she was doing amazing and that everything was really great as of right now. Her lungs of course, still sucked a being lungs but other than that she was more than happy. Isaac, one of her friends

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