Physical And Physical Activities Of Military Personnel

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Modern military operations are physically demanding for both the soldiers and their commanders, despite the technological development. (Goran et al., 2012). Physical activity is important for soldiers to maintain physical fitness and endurance. Survivability of military personnel is the basis for future military career and the fulfillment of military duties, and daily activities of soldiers are associated with fitness abilities that require a high level of fitness education (Plavina, 2008). Military occupational tasks together with demanding working environments are often exposed to multi-stressors. During the sustained operation, especially, these stress factors are very challenging for the soldiers physical and mental performance due to caloric deficit, sleeping deprivation, continuous physical activity, and a different kind of disturbances in mood states (Nindl, et al., 2008). Military activities also consist of several tasks like carrying or lifting heavy loads and materials, digging foxholes, or demanding marches with extra loads of combat gear of 25-65kg (Santilla, 2009). Therefore, in the military operations or crisis management, high levels of both aerobic capacity and muscle strength performance are required for the soldiers.
The specificity of adaptation to resistance training is well reported. Resistance training with high loads leads, especially during initial weeks, to neural adaptations and later on muscle hypertrophy. These adaptations are
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