The Effects of Training in Undulation Training for Development of Hierarchical Fitness and Improved Firefighter Job Performance

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In the article, “Undulation Training for Development of Hierarchical Fitness and Improved Firefighter Job Performance,” a research was conducted when a critical problem emerged from the extraordinary job risks of firefighting. In this article, it was recognized that firefighting was a high risk occupation in which many activities were life threatening. Yearly incidences brought on from these life-threatening activities and conditions included cardiovascular disease from the inhalation of smoke as well as musculoskeletal injuries from the physical demands of the job. The problem was lying in the fact most fire departments were failing to adequately prepare the firefighters in terms of health and physical fitness to take on the…show more content…
The subjects of the experimental study performed were 14 firefighters who were attendees at the Fire Academy. They were all volunteers and met the requirements to be subjects, including having no medical issues that could affect or be affected by the test and being in good physical health with no injuries. Each subject was cleared by physicians to be participants in the experiment and all agreed for information about the study to be released. The study design of the research took place within a span of nine weeks. Before and after the nine weeks of resistance training, several tests were administered to determine the level of muscular strength, jumping ability, sprinting ability, RFD, etc. as they were all much needed requirements specific to the job of firefighting. Other factors were also considered, including height, mass, and size of limbs and chest. Upper and lower bodies of the participants were measured via barbell squats and bench press exercises, using the 1RM method until failure. The values were then recorded. Jumping ability was measured using both vertical and horizontal jumping exercises performed in three to five trials. Warm-ups were performed before the test. RFD or rate of muscular development was measured with a calibrated position transducer which utilized the three values from the upper and lower body 1RPM tests. A TENDO unit cord was used during these tests. These tests were administered throughout the span of over a week in
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