Physical Growth And Physical Development

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The growth of the brain and body has been an important topic for psychologists for hundreds of years. Though ideas and discoveries have been made, there will always be certain mysteries when it comes to the human mind. However, many scientists have been able to detect several ways people grow throughout the lifespan. One of the most important stages of the human lifespan is the adolescence age range from twelve to twenty years old. During these years, teenagers begin to develop into who they are personally and discover the way their body works. Through the adolescent stage, humans go through several changes, thus causing them to develop physically, cognitively, socially, and personality wise.
Physical Development As a boy/girl leaves the middle childhood stage and begins their growth from a child to a young adult, their body will start to go through several changes. One of the first types of changes of the body will include the growth of height and weight. During the adolescence stage, teenagers go through a strong period of rapid growth. The average boy grows 4.1 inches a year and usually begins their spurt around age twelve. While the average girl grows 3.5 inches in a year and normally begins growing around age ten. However, both have a possibility of growing as much as five inches in a single year (American Psychological Association). Teenagers will also have changes in their body weight. They will go through a period where they are more susceptible to weight gain and

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