Physical Training Uniforms And The Army

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The Army have given me a lot of opportunities and a different way of life. As I approach retirement, overall the Army has changed in many areas from the time I joined. There are many people, events and situations that have taken place which have encouraged me to be successful in the Army. Even though, some times were fun and other times it was rough, however I would not change anything because it has made me into the person I am today. The Army overall as a whole has changed. When I was a Basic Traininig Drill Sergeant the privates had more previliged that when I went to Basic training. I could remember standing in a line for hours only to use the public phone for about 10 mintues to speak to your family members. Now, they use their cell phones all day on Sunday and then turn it in at the end of the day at formation. Battle Dress uniforms with black boots are now Army Service Uniform with tan boots. The physical training uniforms has changed about two times since I’ve been in the military. First we wore the grays which was horrible because when it rained your physical training uniform would stick to you. Then it change to the gray shirt and black shorts, which is better because it kept the wind off of you and does not stick to your body unlike the gray uniform. Now, the Army has switched again to black physical training uniforms which are lighter in weight but have no protection from the rain during the summer and none during the winter from the wind because the
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