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The American Academy of Physician Assistants is a nationally recognized society within their discourse community. Physician Assistants are a growing profession in the medical field. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the profession but a lot of people are still unsure about what it is a Physician Assistant does. The word assistant can easily throw off a patient and make them think that this professional is nothing but an assistant to the doctor. However, the web page for the AAPA utilizes a myriad of different modes to attract their audience. Through the use of different modes such as visual, aural, and linguistic stimulation, the AAPA effectively engages viewers of this website and successfully contributes to a better understanding …show more content…

When reading an article written by someone in medicine, it can get pretty wordy and confusing. Not only can it get wordy and confusing, it can also get boring. The AAPA uses the visual mode to give their audience the opportunity to watch visual representations of what a Physician Assistant does instead of reading it and having to interpret it themselves. In a quick, one-minute video, the Physician Assistant profession is explained in a calming voice over an assortment of simple animations and cool colors. In today’s society, videos have become a huge part of our life. They’re an easy way to retain information on an understandable level. Videos are also easy to share with others. The “What is a PA” video is also linked to YouTube and has nearly 50,000 views. The aural mode ties into the video as well. The music in the background of the video is upbeat and triggering the subconscious aspects of people's brains. It may not be something that is recognized right away, but the catchy tune to the song can be associated with happiness and positivity and that will be something the audience takes away from the video whether they like it or …show more content…

Every word that was spoken during the video is printed directly below the video. The layout is in question form, with bullet points for the multitude of answers. Some of the questions are “What can a PA do for me?”, “How are PA’s educated and trained?”, and “How are PA’s certified and licensed?” It is almost as if this web page is reassuring the audience, which in this case would be patients, that a PA is a medical professional who is just as competent as a Physician.
The spatial orientation of this web page is visually appealing. The web page does not look overcrowded and the presence of the video makes the page look uncomplicated. The spatial mode helps to tie into the design of the website as well. The intentional blank space of the web page does not overwhelm viewers, possibly mirroring a supportive relationship between a PA and their

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