Pinnacle Week 6 Video Analysis Report

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Video Analysis Report – Week 6 | BUSN460: Senior Project | |

After reviewing weeks 5 and 6 video episodes, we the business consultants have found that CanGo still has some issues that must be corrected in order to operate and function effectively. We have carefully evaluated CanGo’s issues and will be introducing them as well as providing recommendations to make corrections to help improve the company’s problem areas. The first issue was the employee evaluations; very vague. Another that we have noticed is that CanGo is expanding too quickly, another issue that follows CanGo expanding too quickly is that they lack the financial capital to grow so quick. Since they are growing, they are relocating their staff into different positions
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That is what is important, planning ahead and looking at the pros and cons is an effective part of running a business. An employer should have a plan to relocate employees, they should consider the skill level of the employee, along with the skills required to do the job, and also consider whether they have the capital that is necessary to make the move and cover their current position. 4. CanGo is leaving projects half ways. They spent enough money kicking off a project and working on it, and they are cancelling them because they see more opportunities. It is better when a company completes one project to go on to the next. If they cancel a project half ways it is throwing away money and time. They spent so much money and time working on it, so they should complete the project and earn the money on it, maybe even make extra revenue that they can utilize to start a new one. It is always beneficial to complete what you have spent so much on. 5. CanGo managers are trying to add a heavier workload to the employees. This will only decrease production because it will cause employees to be so stressed with so much work. It will start causing relationship breakdown- employees will be stressed and eventually taking it out on each other; health problems- high blood
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