Pizza Case Study

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1.0 Introduction: The pizza industry is a large part of Australia’s ever-growing food culture. Australia is a very multicultural country and due to this there is a large variety of delicacies available for Australians to choose from. Pizza is one of the leading competitors in the Australian food industry, the first pizzeria that opened in Australia was Toto’s Pizza House which was founded in 1961 in Melbourne, since 1961 pizza has been growing and becoming more popular with more stores opening every day. Fast food restaurants focus on product quality and customer satisfaction. As an organization grows more over time the severity of any issues can increase and cause new challenges on top of the current ones that the organization is facing. As fast food companies increase in the amount of retail stores the target goals of the year and the financial goals of each store increase under the guidance of head office. However, if any store is unable to meet financial expectations a franchisee is said to be at fault ultimately resulting in profound stress on these individual and could lead to foreclosure. Dominos is a leading pizza chain with stores in New Zealand and Europe. Dominos has the world’s largest pizza menu giving its customers 200,000 options to choose from earning them over ninty million in sales yearly. However, due to the lack of communication on behalf of head office with its franchisees and franchisee owners with staff it has caused problems for all sectors of
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