Plagiarism Essay

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Many colleges and university's have their own policies or views when it comes to plagiarism. There are two main approaches to plagiarisms on campuses, whether it is morally wrong or that it is a crime. While students have to affirm that they will not plagiarize, when it is looked as morally wrong this turns more into a honor code according to Susan D Blum. Faculty expect students to follow this honor code and they believe by having them accept the terms that they will not plagiarize. Due to the social pressure that they believe to have installed in the students. They should understand that plagiarizing is wrong and that they shouldn't do it at all. Although they might accept this as being morally wrong, they often tend to slide down …show more content…

When it comes to the morality of plagiarism you also have to account whether the student defines plagiarism as being morally wrong or right. This will also affect the outcome if done or not. Notions of writing from the 1960's and 1970's are different from today in many different ways. As Susan D Blum stated "students are not wedded to the integrity of their own writing". This is really well put because students at times write papers or assignments without any meaning or effort just so that they can get buy or earn a good grade. Back in the 60's and 70's people weren't so out spoken like they are today and it was morally wrong to touch certain subjects about what was happening in society. Now in days people seem to be more out spoke and feel free to write about what it is that they want to write. The culture it self has changed as time goes on and we even act differently and do certain things that might have not been permitted or frowned upon back then. Back then their was no Internet either, students couldn't just browse the Internet for information. Information today is readily available as well, causing student to give less effort when trying to research or find information. Not saying this is a bad thing because the availability of having data bases accessible is a blessing due to the fact

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