Plagiarism Is More Effective Than Just Punishing Students

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Scott Jaschik discusses various situations of plagiarism in college in his article, “Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism,” in order to argue that there are more efficient solutions to prevent plagiarism. Jaschik published this article in Inside Higher Ed, which is an online news source, that he cofounded, targeting first year English and college writing instructors. In the article, he explores different ways of preventing plagiarism and emphasizes the importance of academic integrity. By drawing on different instructor perspectives, he employs various situations such as an online student discussion board and an assignment to purposely plagiarize in order to highlight common issues with why students plagiarize. Jaschik …show more content…

Although there still was some unintentional plagiarizing, the open-minded conversation between Hagopian and her students was more beneficial and effective for the students because it taught them the, “difference between deliberate fraud and failed apprenticeship” (Jaschik 262). This example strengthens
Jaschik’s idea by specifically illustrating how first year writing instructors being more open minded towards plagiarism can be more beneficial for the students. Jaschik also describes another example with Roy Stamper, an associate writing director, who followed an online student discussion board where students discussed how they felt about plagiarizing which led
Stamper to discover that “there was also a strong, intense reaction from other students – much of it critical” (263). Jaschik uses this to illustrate how “his lurking online raised many questions” and whether, “an intense workload puts an emphasis for students on efficiency as opposed to quality” (263-4). This example also strengthens Jaschik’s argument in that it appeals to the first year writing instructors by giving insight on various students’ opinions on plagiarizing. This is effective to the instructors because it allows them to learn some reasons why students plagiarize, such as being overloaded and not having enough time. Even Stamper himself asks, “Should writing instructors be looking to

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