Plot Summary: The Great Depression

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Setting: Takes place in an orphanage of the streets of Chicago 1932 (The Great Depression)
Mrs. Fennis- The owner of the orphan
Kendra- The caretaker of the orphans
Patrick- One of the orphans
Sophie- One of the orphans

(The first scene takes place in their shared, very old room in the orphanage. A bunk bed is on stage left with one dresser on stage right and a small wooden desk to the right of the dresser. Both Patrick and Sophie are laying in bed.)

Patrick: (Towards Sophie in a sad and troubled matter) Will we ever have a normal holiday? One filled of laughs and joy, the fire going in the family room bringing warmth and comfort. All awhile a feast is being made to tingle our taste buds. Oh! And of course don’t forget! One with the biggest
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Patrick: That's it we will make a bet If no one comes around this holiday I will do half of your chores everyday until summer!

Sophie: (yelling) Deal! I can’t wait to see…

Kendra: (knocks and opens the door slowly) You two better keep it down before Mrs. Fennis hears you. I don't want to see my little squirrels fall off a tree again, if you know what I mean. I have some extra bread I found stored in the cupboard for you two.

Sophie: Oh thank you kendra! We are starving, as you know! We will keep it down.

Patrick: Yeah! You are the best!

Kendra: (Speaking very softly) I wish I could feed you more, Mrs. Fennis has her strict policies though. Tomorrow I’ll try and fish up some cold milk and fruit. Im sure you are sick of those potatoes!

Patrick: You could say that again! This whole week has been potatoes, potatoes, potatoes! Thank you!

Kendra: It's best you go to sleep now, as early as you have to get up. Dream of candy land and adventures!

Sophie: Yes you're right! I’m on trash duty! Good night Patrick and Kendra!

Patrick: Good night!

Kendra: (Shuts lights off and closes door
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