Plus Ethical Decision-Making Model

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Explanations of the Plus Ethical Decision Making Model Reading Ethics and Compliance Initiative provides details in seven steps on ethical decision making in organizations which briefly include: define the issue, search for help, pinpoint replacements, analyze the replacements, draw a conclusion, execute the conclusion, and finally test the conclusion. In this ethics toolkit that two facts should be considering when creating an ethical decision making model for an organization or a company. 1. All workers at some point will have to make decisions for the organization during his or her work day, without these decisions the organization will not operate effectively. 2. All decisions made by employees and meaning of what is correct, equal, and adequate should be examined against the organizations ethical code and polices. Explanations of Ruddell’s Decision Making Approach Ruddell’s explain that all workers must have well knowledge of their business operations but they must fully understand their own principles. In leadership over an organization there are many approaches to solving problems displayed by employees engaging in unethical behavior. As a Christian, my personal approach is to follow scripture by focusing on the individuals involved. Scriptures provides three approaches to…show more content…
Ethical decisions are put in place by the state and department of education school board. In my professional opinion, I feel the ethical decision making guide are fair if followed correctly. The code is put in place and is to be followed by all employees and educators. The ethical code promotes the safety, health, and welfare of students and educators. If the school administrators find that the educators are engaging in unethical behavior, the individual will go through a process of hearings with the district’s superintendent and before the state board of education to see if their license will be
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