Pluto Telecommunications Essay

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This text critically examines organizational behavior in Pluto Telecommunications through analysis of the relationship among the job design, motivation, structural form and the work culture. The Managing Director of Pluto Telecommunication came to understanding that the three departments within the organization: Sales, Marketing and Customer Service do not communicate with each other which have a direct negative impact on the company’s performance. Further investigations show that the three departments are different in term of what motivates the employees, the time span for achieving the goals, culture established within the departments and the structural forms within the departments. The organizational dilemma is how to balance out …show more content…

In any case, a general notion can be drawn that the the motivator factor are measured in different terms. The Sales staff aggressively pursues more sales opportunities because its success, feeling of achievement and the large financial incentive depend on their individual performance. This does not exist in Marketing as the feeling of achievement or the vague bonus scheme depends on the company’s performance rather than individual success. Furthermore, the hygiene factors such as pay policy, supervision style, social status and working condition seem to play significant role in Pluto Telecommunications. These hygiene factors in Sales department create job satisfaction as the sale staff is well paid, with greater autonomy in making decisions, high social status awareness and self –esteem. Yet, these factors, up to certain degree do, not play important role for Marketing. Therefore, it is essential to understand what and how motivates people.
The job design and the motivation are not self-sufficient to increase the productivity and they require an organizational structure to further coordinate organizational activities. Organizational structure, through its chain of command, coordinates, motivates and monitors employees. Buchanan and Huczynski (2010) argue that the structure of the organizations serves 3 functions:
1. The organizational structure defines the reporting formation, span of control and layers in the hierarchy;
2. It

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