Poachers Kill Magnificent Animals for Profit Essay

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“Lions and tigers, oh my!” Some know animals such as these to be scary; other people understand these animals to be a beautiful creation of Earth. Whether you are afraid of mighty beasts or simply in awe of them, it astonishes many people when they realize how few of them are still alive. Rhinoceroses, elephants, leopards, tigers, African lions, and many more creatures are all considered an endangered species, and we are the reason they are deemed that way. The one element all of those animals have in common is that they are valuable. Rhinoceroses are treasured for their horns; Elephants for their tusks. Lions, tigers, and leopards are all wanted for their skins. These magnificent beings are some of the main sources for poachers. Before …show more content…

If any main predator species were to become extinct then prey species would no longer have any factors regulating their population. Therefore, the prey would have an overproduction of offspring which would cause a decrease in the plant life and have continuous damage down to the bottom of the food chain. Eventually, the major disaster that would occur is the exhaustion of the food supply. Even though poaching may seem unstoppable because of its ‘supply and demand’ methods, many people and countries have banded together to help stop the destruction of species and the detriments that follow. One organization that is attempting to stop poaching is the Environmental Investigation Agency. The EIA has spread awareness to many different areas and has been informing the public about how vulnerable ecosystems are and the repercussions that will result if poaching continues. It also educates people on the simple ways they can help reduce poaching such as refusing any illegal animal items or parts offered to them. The United States, Canada, Taiwan, and Australia have also participated in the plan to prevent poaching. All four countries have laws against finning sharks, or the process of removing a shark’s fins and then ‘throwing back’ the body. Fisherman are allowed to catch sharks in these countries, but they must retrieve all of the shark and keep it intact. Nearly all countries and major

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