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A (4) AND A (14) / SEMESTER A 2014

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Part One:

A. Match the following poetic terms and figure of speech with the sentences that follow:
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Connotative words give the literal meaning of words but denotative words give the implied associations of the word _______________
3. 'Syntax ' refers to the order of the lines of the poem. ____________
4. The subject matter of the poem refers to its theme. _____________
5. Time and place are called the 'setting ' of the poem. ____________
6. The theme of the poem refers to the events of the poem. ________
7. The "ballad ' and the 'Sonnet" are closed forms of poetry ________
8. The tone of the poem expresses the attitude of the reader towards the poem ____________________
9. The persona of the poem is the person that the poet talks about. _________________
10. The mood of the poem is created by the words the poet uses. ___________________
11. Each stanza in any poem should have at least two lines. ______
12. A stanza that consists of 6 lines is called a sestet _________
13. Free verse must have a rhyme scheme. ________________
14. A narrative poem is a poem that tells a story. _______________
15. The iambic pentameter consists of five unstressed/ stressed syllables. ____________________
16. A foot in the line of poetry consists of two stresses. ________
17. The rhyme of the poem must have the same sound/ letter. _____
18. Petrarch 's sonnets consist of two parts: Octet and Sestet. _____
19. Shakespeare 's sonnet consists of 4 quatrains _____________
20. "Tactile"
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