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On 12/09/2017 at 3:18 AM, Sheriff Deputy Colin Crosby and I were dispatched to 908 W Bennett Ct, in Conway Springs, Sumner County, Ks, for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch told us that the distrubance had been physical between a husband and wife, and the two parties were separated by the wife going outside to call 911. While still enroute to the call, dispatch told us that the female was the caller, and she was attempting to keep the male from leaving because he'd been drinking. Before our arrival, dispatch said there was the sound of someone possibly struggling, and that some coughing came after this sound, but that the female again came to the phone and said they were again separated.

I arrived at the residence at 3:42 AM, and made
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This was possibly the sound of struggling heard by the dispatcher. Rheannon went to one of the vehicles and stayed on the line with 911, and Shaun went into the house and didn't come back out.

Conway Springs EMS arrived on scene while I spoke to Rheannon, and they asked her if she needed to be treated. Rheannon told them she didn't need medical treatment, and signed a refusal form, stating the same.

Crosby and I went to the front door, and made contact at the residence with Shaun Bartonek, identified by his Ks DL. I could see Shaun also didn't have any visible injuries. Shaun told us the following:
He and Rheannon are considered common law married. The two were arguing earlier, right before Rheannon called 911. Shaun was attempting to leave the resdience to go to his father's house about a block away. Rheannon stood in his way at the front door, and Shaun said he raised his hands up in the air, and tried to shift his body around her to get out of the house when Rheannon tripped over the recliner and fell to the floor. Shaun said the two did make physical contact near the doorway, but didn't believe either party made contact in an angry manner. When asked about picking Rheannon up and moving her, he said he did do that, to get her out of the doorway, but it wasn't done in anger.

I spoke again to Rheannon, and asked her if she'd fill out a written statement. Rheannon said she didn't want Shaun to get in trouble, and chose not to complete a written
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