Classification Of Political Crime In The United States

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Political crime is crime drive by a specific philosophical view. In the United States, there isn’t a sanctioned classification of criminal behavior called political crime due to the First Amendment. Our Constitution restricts the government from taking measures against people for voicing their views in a peaceful assembly. Political crime is an act carried out with the intention to harm our federal, state, or local government under certain circumstances. Politics and crime have been linked together since the beginning of time dating back to tribal leadership. “It is virtually impossible to find a history of any society which does not record political criminals. They have always existed, they exist now, and they will exist in the future, in spite of the historical experience that the ideal behind the political crime is often destroyed the moment it becomes reality” (Schafer 1971).) Any crime committed to purposely harm the state government and political system can be viewed as a political crime, but a crime committed by a politician is not automatically deemed a political crime. If a state senator decides to abuse her children, she would be committing the crime of child abuse. In spite of this, if she began taking bribes to back a law to benefit large corporations, then it is considered a political crime. Violence can also be included in political crimes, there can be be non-violent in nature. The U.S does not have a crime class that applies primarily to political crimes,

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