Political Roles During The French Revolution Essay

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French Revolution laid the fertile ground for the promulgation of civil rights which ceased to exist prior to the revolution, more importantly the rights of the less privileged, women. The French’s patriarchal society was held prejudice against women, thus when women’s clubs and political associations formed during this period was notable for its capabilities to promulgate political enfranchisement for women. In this essay, I would discuss in-depth the banning of women’s clubs and political associations during the French Revolution from 1789 to 1799. I would be focusing on the political roles women undertook during the Revolution, and the reasons for the subsequent denial of women’s political participation.

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It is noteworthy that without women the Revolution would not have ended, women first went into the streets to fight for bread. Which then proceeded to create a ripple effect among fellow men and women that coloured the French Revolution.

Before understanding the state mindset of modern europe during the French Revolution, it is mandatory to evaluate the state mindset like pre-Revolution. This allows us to comprehend the Old Régime. Prior to the French Revolution, women were considered property of men. When they were born they were considered under the tutelage of their fathers and once they are married they are under the tutelage of their husbands . This signifies the need for women to be controlled by men, describing the qualities of a patriarchal society. It also further points out women to be incapable of functioning on her own. Under these same rules, women were not allowed to own properties. Within the established spheres of a women’s role, there are hierarchies. Working class women has different rights as opposed to the bourgeoisie women or the aristocratic women. Working class women, unlike the upper class women, were more concerned about bread which is the necessity for survivability. Women were in charge of providing food on the plate, hence when there was a shortage of bread women were quickly concerned about their survival and how they were going to feed their family. This lead them on the venture on the street for ‘ Bread riot’,

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