Political Violence : Violence And Violence

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Violence is an aggressive action which harmed others and damaged others properties. All violence has implemented in order to satisfy political motives are called political violence. Political violence always use physical force to achieve a political objective in a protest movement or a guerrilla army. These organizations believe in using violence to accomplish their political aims. Also, governments would use violence to those protestor who are not agree with the policies or movements of government. This can be called as regime violence. The violence between protestors and police can easily happened when the emotions of protestors cannot calm down and the conflict cannot solve while a long period. Violence always sounds like a bad word,…show more content…
Because the guerrillas small and lightly armed, they can move quickly and quietly compare to the formal armies. Under this circumstances, the struggles are allowed to operate in complicated places in urban or rural where their enemies are not familiar with but the people know well. Therefore, the difference of speed and equipment between guerrillas and conventional forces provides a good development of the hit-and-run tactic (Masilamani, 2014). A successful guerrilla war always represents a protracted war. If the struggle is short instead of protracted, then the guerrillas must be failed at the beginning. On the contrary, a prolonged struggle means that the government forces cannot defeat the guerrillas completely in a short time. More time the struggle last, the government forces will lost the confidence of armies and the support from citizens continually. In this period of time, guerrillas are allowed to train and test their members and the ability of their leaders. With the passing of time, the ultimate goals of guerrillas will achieve which is building up formal armies. When the time guerrillas develop as formal armies and achieve the success on militarily and politically, this political violence is succeed (Masilamani, 2014). Politically, the guerrillas devote to show the disability of governments to people.
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