Political Violence : Violence And Violence

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Violence is an aggressive action which harmed others and damaged others properties. All violence has implemented in order to satisfy political motives are called political violence. Political violence always use physical force to achieve a political objective in a protest movement or a guerrilla army. These organizations believe in using violence to accomplish their political aims. Also, governments would use violence to those protestor who are not agree with the policies or movements of government. This can be called as regime violence. The violence between protestors and police can easily happened when the emotions of protestors cannot calm down and the conflict cannot solve while a long period. Violence always sounds like a bad word, and our teachers and parents always teach us violence cannot solve the problems. The best way to solve the conflict is to calm down and find the main reason why the conflict happened. However, it is necessary to use violence in some particular cases. The violence sometimes can solve the problem but sometimes it cannot, the results of violence using are all depends on the situations. Even the constitutions allows governments to use violence under certain circumstances. Therefore, how to decide when violence should be resorted to? How to control the use of violence? If the violence was used, how to judge the legitimacy of violence in a political system?

There are three types of political violence, the first one is guerrilla insurgency and its…

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