Pop Chips : Katy Perry

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Pop Chips: Katy Perry The Pop Chips advertisement contains a picture Katy Perry holding two bags of pop chips in front of her chest while she is wearing a blue and black dress with a blue background. Katy is shown smiling and looking up into the corner almost in a sexy way with her black hair straightened, pink lipstick and pink fingernails. The first thing that comes to mind while looking at this ad would be Katy and the second would be the pop chips, I find myself looking at Katy more than the actual pop chips. Katy is surrounded by multiple texts in the add including “nothing fake about ‘em.”Katy has been know to be a little bit sexual in her music including the songs Teenage Dream and California Gurls. This statement is supposed to …show more content…

A lot people think that if Katy is eating these chips they must be really good and that they should eat them too. According to Millward advertisements, last year nearly 15% of advertisements contained celebrities, so having someone as popular as Katy in your ad you are going to stick out above nearly 85% of the other advertisements. What may surprise you is the color blue, to most people its a mellow color and maybe someones favorite color, but what advertiser are doing is using a color that is associated with the feeling within the mind and body. The color blue symbolizes trust,loyalty,wisdom,confidence,intelligence,faith,truth,and heaven. The place Katy in the picture fitting in with the background to show confidence and symbolize her leadership. They contrast the colors to make it look like Katy is looking up to a special place like heaven. Heaven can be very different for people some people may think that it is a place of happiness and endless joy and others may feel like its a place for only certain people and Katy Perry isn 't the holiest of people. The blue in the ad also points to heaven and goes along with Katy looking up as if she is looking into the sky at heaven. “Im not into phonies, good thing theres nothing fake or phony in pop chips, they only take like they’re bad for you” says Katy. This statement is a very important one because it is saying a lot to the audience about their product and how there is nothing fake in their chips yet they taste like

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