Essay on Population Policy in Aisa - China vs. India

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Population Policy in Aisa - China Vs. India
Executive Summary Both China and India are very important countries not only in Asia, but the world. As the largest and second largest population country in the world, their population policy has great effects on many areas of the world. Such as agriculture, economy, education. Through my project, we can find out that both China and India spend a lot of efforts in control their population and achieved some goals. China reduced population growth in the country of 1.3 billion by as much as 300 million people over its first twenty years. Although India has a obvious results in control the population, it improves the health system and decreases the mortality rate of the country. But …show more content…

However, the government was willing to control the population, the Great Cultural Revolution retard the development of the control the population.

Third period (1977-1988). In 1979, the one child policy was come out. This is also named as the Planned Birth policy. The authorities tightened their control and limited households to only one child, and in rural areas, the birth of a second child should be spaced 4-5 years from the first. The goal of this policy was to limit China’s population to 1.2 billion by the year 2000. The “LATER, LONGER, FEWER” policy was also having a new definition:
| |Requirements |
|LATER |Delayed marriage and delayed child bearing |
|LONGER |Longer spacing between births |

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