Porsche Ag : An Automobile Manufacturing Firm With German Origin

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Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG is an automobile manufacturing firm with German origin. It specializes in the manufacturing of high-performance vehicles such as supercars, sedans, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs), and hyper cars. This company is often referred to as Porsche AG and its headquarters are in the German city of Stuttgart. “The Volkswagen AG firm owns the Porsche AG automobile manufacturing company” (Meredith & Hughes, 1995). The name of this German automobile manufacturing is derived from its founder who was called Ferdinand Porsche. “Ferdinand Porsche founded this company in the year 1931 in the city of Stuttgart” (Reich, 1990). This company engaged primarily in the development works of vehicles in addition to offering consultancy…show more content…
Porsche has been for a long time been established as a car manufacturing automobile firm. Its products have also been changing with the time to reflect the changes in the automobile market as well. It is important for any firm to have a flagship product especially in the automobiles industry. “For Porsche, the year 1963 saw the emergence of a model that will define the Porsche image in the automobile industry for many years; the 911” (Burt, 2002). This model paved way for many changes to be made in the Porsche production line. In line with the legacy of Porsche as a manufacturer of quality automobiles, “Porsche has made many models after the 911 flagship model” (Burt, 2002). This automobile manufacturing has expanded its range of products. In addition to the traditional people’s car that symbolized the product of Porsche, the production of military tanks and sports cars in the recent past is evidence of an increasing range of products from the German automobile manufacturing firm. The 1950s marked an important period in the successful diversification of its products in the automobile industry. Racing cars produced by Porsche were winning races across Europe. “Some of the racing car models produced by Porsche and won major races include the 356 SL model, the Can – Am series, the four-wheel drive 911 Carrera, and the 959 model” (Meredith & Hughes, 1995). Porsche automobile firm has in the recent past has produced

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