Portland Plant Turnaround Case Analysis

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Portland Plant Turnaround Case Introduction There are different aspects that need to be considered by the organization when they are working on a project. With the focus on quality and service perspective the organizations can attain a competitive edge in the market as today the consumers have a strong focus on the quality, they stick to the organizations which focus on providing adequate quality service and products to the consumers. The consumers are also focused on having adequate post purchase service for the product they have purchased. In this case study, we can easily identify that quality was one of the major issues that were faced by the organization. Quality was the overall issue that was faced by the company in this case. The company was informed at the very initial stage that there are some issues with the paper. The paper was curling under conditions of low humidity. It was important for the company at that time to take care of this issue and work on the improving the quality and overall condition of the company. If the company compromises the quality, the company will incur losses and will lose the value that they give to the consumers. The company lacked the quality as well as adequate planning and quality control of the goods.
Operational Strategy and Performance Quality is one of the five performance objectives and having a high-quality product or service often represents an essential element when being considered by the customer. Quality is a

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