Portrayal of Female Harassment Issues in Tv Dramas; a Pakistani Media Perspective

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Portrayal of Female Domestic Harassment issues in TV Dramas

Pakistani Media Perspective

Maliha Sami Hussain
Lecturer – Institute of Communications Studies
Punjab University, Lahore
Email: maliha.sami@hotmail.com

The values of gender equality are promoted among all countries all over the world. Women have become more economically strong and independent even in South Asian region. Media has played a vital role in molding the opinions and providing a sigh of relief to the suppressed women folk. The relationship of women and media is very important as media transforms the real picture of women and their core issues in front of the public through its programs and TV dramas. Media broadcasts important
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In Pakistan even today, young girls are forcefully married to old men under the tradition of ‘Family Marriages/Vani’. Sometimes girls are married with old men as their brothers or father has killed someone in bridegroom’s family due to enmity i.e. Fata, North Waziristan, South Waziristan. The top most watched TV channel is GEO TV Network owned by Jang Group of Publications and was launched in 2002. Geo TV is news based and an entertainment channel.
The present paper will highlight the relationship between gender and media with reference of Pakistani TV Drama Serial titled as “Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan” that went on air on GEO TV in 2009. The rationale of carrying out this research on this play is as follows:

Domestic (married) woman portrayal in media?
How religion can be used for woman harassment in domestic affairs and consequences?
How human relationships can be disturbed by telling lies, taking fake oaths on Holy Books and putting allegations on innocent people?
Sometimes woman fights against many strange persons and situations to safe her martial life or relationship besides having feelings of self-pity and self-assassination. What are the reasons behind it?
Domestic violence on women
Pakistan is counted among those countries that falls in the headlines due to domestic and gender-based harassment issues. The ratio of sexual harassment victims is alarmingly getting high in

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