Women in the Media in Kuwait Essay

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Women in The Media in Kuwait Research

MRKT 200/01
Spring 2010
This essay will discuss women in the media in Kuwait. It is very important to define media to allow better understanding of the power and benefits women gained from the media. Women role was different in pre-oil period and after oil discovery. Education made significant differences in Kuwaiti women lives. They entered Media holding bachelors degrees and PhDs and insisted to fight until they won their social and political rights. In addition, in appreciation for their efforts I wrote the biographies of some powerful media women in Kuwait.

Women in The Media in Kuwait Research Kuwait is
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It was noticeable that Kuwaiti women in the media were attacked by some Islamic groups. Kuwaiti women who wear the hijab didn’t dare to study any subject related to media. Studies and social research proved the impact of media messages on the individual behavior and collective beside their power on the political decision. Women started media in Kuwait through television, radio, the press and other means; the famous publication was through T.V. Kuwait T.V. began to broadcast at the earliest sixties in black and white, the building was closed to the Dsman Palace. The first Kuwaiti woman who entered the media on Kuwaiti television in 1961 was Fatima Hussein, followed by a number of announcers such as Nouria Al-Sdani, Anissa Jafar who was known as “Mama Anissa”. Other active women in Kuwait radio were; Amina Al-Ansari, Iqbal Al-Gharaballi and Amal Al-Abdullah who later turned to the T.V. activities, the previous names were the first generation of female announcers in Kuwait T.V. and radio. One of the most famous announcers in Kuwait T.V. and radio is Fatimah Hussein. Fatimah Hussein Al-Essa Al-Qanaie, born in Kuwait 1937, completed her Secondary School Education in Kuwait and was granted a scholarship by Government to study abroad in the University. She was the first woman who was allowed to study out
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