Positive And Negative Effects Of Nutritional Health

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“Disease preys on a weak and malnourished mind.” Bernard Jensen. As we grow and develop throughout life, nutrition plays a crucial role in how we develop. During each stage of life, we require different nutrition. Proper nutrition decreases the chances of getting many diseases, physical stressors and mental issues. Many factors attribute to the overall development of a human. Nutritional health affects human growth, cognitive development, reproduction, physical health and mental health.
Nutrition can directly modify gene structure and mediate the expression of genetic factors that can target brain growth and development. Dr. Joseph and Mary Goldberger provided evidence supporting the previous statement. They discovered that Pellagra disease was a caused by a B3 deficiency (L. Sotir). Mineral and vitamins such as vitamin A, D, fatty acids, and zinc influence gene transcription. Food maintains our overall health by providing our bodies with energy, as well as, helps rebuild cells and tissue. Nutrition is a necessity to sustain human life from conception to death.
Before we are ever born, the lifestyle and health of our parents and their parents play a role in the health of each offspring. For instance, Vitamin C & E is an important antioxidant that both protect male germ cells from oxidation and genetic mutation that could threaten offspring with birth defects and disease (M.L. Wahlqvist & colleagues). Smoking can affect the genetic makeup of sperm that could contribute to

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