Positive Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing in England during the eighteenth century. England’s natural resources such as coal and iron was the main reason why they were the first to do it. It was later expanded to North America and other countries. Innovations in machinery, techniques, and methods for producing goods opened up an entirely new world. (apecsecadmin) The Industrial Revolution had both many positive and negative aspects. The Industrial Revolution mainly brought much better economic conditions for most people, but the poor and working class often suffered with forbidding, grim jobs, and dreadful living conditions.
The Industrial Revolution had many positive aspects. It gave people more hope for things. New inventions and much more was on the rising. Factories had made a positive impact on the Industrial Revolution. It made producing products a lot easier, faster and simpler. Mass production is the reason why we have so many of the same product, making thousands of the same items in a short amount of time. The people were able to get clothes quicker instead of sewing cloths themselves, which was more expensive. The Industrial Revolution also caused retail prices to go down. Before the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing was regularly done was regularly done in homes. More jobs were available to the society, which meant more work and money. Improvements for transportation got easier for people to get around different cities. Since traveling

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