Positive Influences In Research

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“Negative Experiences Creates Positive Influences” “Develop success from failures, discouragement and failures are two of the surest stepping stones to success” (Carnegie). Putting in the work and not getting a grade deserved is discouraging. Failure does break the average person, and they accept being beat. A negative experience is always hard to overcome, however the ones who recover are the most successful in life. A negative experience can leave a forever positive influence on their life. Strength is a valuable skill learned overtime. The skill strength doesn’t come easy to those that haven’t had a experience that they wanted to quit. Instead strength is learned through fighting through an experience they want to give up on. Surviving through a negative experience takes effort, time, and energy to learn defeat.In return you learn the skill of strength. Strength can help fight against negative experiences and leave a positive influence by teaching one not to give up. Strength teaches the average person not to give without a fight. If you fall to failure do not go down without a hard earned fight. …show more content…

Learning from the mistake is the best lesson. However most have a difficult time to move on from their mistake. Instead the mistake eats them alive. Most fail when they need to move on from the past because it is not easy. If someone is living in the past they can not grow and learn new skills that will help them in the future. Moving forward will let the burden free. Living in the past will kill you when you are going through a negative experience. This will be the breaking line of if you learned from your experience or if you learn and continue to grow. The moral is move on there is nothing you can do to change what happened in the

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