Possible Stakeholders

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Discussion Forum Unit 4

Identify the possible stakeholders for one of the following firms and discuss their interest.

1. A water utility company

I have identified the possible stakeholders for the water utility company as follows:

(a) Customers
(b) Communities
(c) Employees
(d) Suppliers
(e) Investors

Their interest as customers is to have better products and services that offer values and cost effective with safe and clean water.

To have facilities that are safe for the environmental. Create job opportunities and using local contractors for social development and economic.

Their main interest is to be able to work in a workplace that is committed to health and safety environment and motivated …show more content…

A long-term return and company that grow and seek opportunities and competition among other players in the industry.

2. A multinational food company

I have identified the possible stakeholders for the multinational food company in which I have chosen the fast-food industry as an example. Their possible stakeholders are as …show more content…

A local airport

I have identified their stakeholders as follows:

(a) Passengers
(b) Air carriers
(c) Employees
(d) Service Providers
(e) Investors


To have great services and quality carrier. Easy transition and facilities to pass through the airport system. Safe journey.

Air Carriers:
For both cargo and passenger carriers, their interest is mainly on time management that is able to carry out their operation and transportation services on time and better facilities to accommodate high volume for cargo clearance and baggage. Low cost of airport operations.

Their interest is to have secure jobs, bound by minimum wages clause and adequate benefits. To have a union to support their well-being and work relations.

Service Providers:
These are the group of private companies that support the airport operations such as services to the carriers and general aviation users. Their interest is to maximize the traffic volume where their revenues would come and minimizing the cost fees to the airport.

To have good ratings on facilities and carriers that create high traffic volume which leads to high

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