Nurturing Natures By Graham Music

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In Graham Music’s book, Nurturing Natures: Attachment and Children's Emotional, Sociocultural, and Brain Development, Music explains to the reader how poverty, neglect and trauma can be associated with PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, and how PTSD can develop into long term psychiatric and even physical medical conditions. Neglect of a child can affect them later in life and affect their learning, social, mobile and regular everyday functions and activities. Music also shows the reader how early childhood experiences can impact attachment between mother and child. In addition, while neglect can occur at anytime during development, children are most vulnerable because of their reliance on adults in order to survive. He shows the reader …show more content…

The most damaging form of trauma is interpersonal trauma which is far more likely than other traumas, such as car accidents, to give rise to posttraumatic symptoms (Van der Kolk, 1989). Maybe the worst form of interpersonal trauma is that inflicted by a child’s carers. When a carer turns abuser, then the world feels unsafe and unpredictable. Serious abuse often leads to fear, helplessness, shame… (Music 206)

Music shows how early trauma and neglect can impair a child’s education, social activities and life. Children need constant parental monitoring in order to thrive. Without constant redirection, nurturing and advice - especially in vulnerable communities like impoverished homes and poor neighborhoods - external negative influences can neglect can set in triggering PTSD-like symptoms. In short, without parental monitoring, children do not learn the necessities in order to live life to the fullest. Music explains PTSD to include “intrusive thoughts” and “flashbacks.” “Interpersonal trauma” refers to injuries and neglect that can be sustained within families. Children are negatively impacted by neglect because if the parent is unable to meet the child’s basic and psychological needs, then not only is the child at risk, but the parent is demonstrating irresponsible behavior. This, in turn, becomes the normalcy for these children and they bring these irresponsible behaviors into adulthood and the

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