Poverty Of The Wealthiest Country

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Poverty in the Wealthiest Country

People often say that money cannot buy happiness. However, this statement is not applicable to everyone. Bare minimum financial revenue is actually necessary to provide well-being and happiness. When the concept of poverty comes up, usually the first image in our minds is people living in developing countries such as those in Africa; however, first-world countries are not safe from this issue. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14.5% of the United States’ population are living under the poverty line; that is, 45.3 million people struggling everyday to afford essential life items such as food, healthcare, transportation, clothes, and housing in the world’s wealthiest country (Income and Poverty in the United States). Poverty has distressful effects on the poor as individuals and on the society as whole. It poses health and financial hardships on the individual; and threatens the safety and productivity of the society. The root causes can be classified into three categories; economic factors being the primary, social and educational factors being the secondary.
Poverty is a serious issue that has been traumatizing and spreading despite the efforts being made to combat it. Impoverished people suffer from the lack of jobs and education that would otherwise improve their situation. They are subject to greater physical and mental health risks such as malnutrition and depression. Children suffer the most; they are deprived from their basic

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